How Do I Enroll?

First, contact and apply at the community college that oversees your program of interest. Your classes will be at Peaslee Tech in Lawrence, but the community colleges provide the programs. Come visit or call Peaslee Tech to learn more about your possibilities in a program. We will help you connect with the program. Or simply call or email the community college that has the program in which you are interested and ask them to help you get admitted and enroll.

Do I pay Peaslee Tech tuition?

Peaslee Tech does not collect tuition for credit courses. Tuition for credit will be paid directly to the community college offering your program. Peaslee Tech is the location of your classes but you will get the certificate from the community college. If you enroll in one of Peaslee's non-credit custom industry courses, you will pay tuition directly to Peaslee Tech. The "Building My Career" courses at Peaslee Tech have free tuition sponsored by Emprise Bank.

Why do I have to enroll through different community colleges?

Peaslee Tech offers a convenient location for Douglas County residents. Now you can take courses that would be offered in Emporia/Johnson County/Topeka, right here in Lawrence! You are still technically taking the classes from the community colleges, but you get to attend class in Lawrence.

When should I enroll so I can start taking classes?

Contact the community college representative listed under each program offered at Peaslee Tech. They will be able to give you application and enrollment deadlines for the Fall and Spring semesters. 

How can I donate money to Peaslee Tech?

You can donate here.

How much does it cost to attend Peaslee Tech?

You can find financial info about tuition in the financial aid section. Peaslee Tech offers competitive prices for its programs. When you start your career after training with Peaslee, you will have opportunities to make more money than if you did not attend training. Peaslee Tech is an investment. You are gaining skills that are in high demand. You are investing money now for a more lucrative career later.

What programs are offered at Peaslee Tech?

HVAC, industrial engineering technology, power plant technology, automotive, welding, construction, and allied health are offered through community colleges. You can also take "Building My Career" courses at Peaslee Tech or custom courses to fit your industry needs.

What is the Lawrence College & Career Center?

You can learn more about the College & Career Center here.

What is the Lawrence Workforce Center?

You can learn more about the Workforce Center here.

Can Peaslee Tech guarantee me a job after graduation?

Peaslee Tech does not place graduates into jobs, but they can prepare you for an excellent career with the skill set that employers need. Peaslee Tech has connections to industry partners in Lawrence and you will have many opportunities to connect with potential employers through the program. Programs at Peaslee Tech are in skills that are of high demand in the area. It will take dedication and hard work on your part, but the purpose of Peaslee Tech is to build and expand the area's workforce.

How old do I have to be to attend Peaslee Tech?

There is no age limit! Students can start as early as high school by enrolling in classes at Peaslee Tech during their junior and senior years, and taking them during the school day.  Students of all ages are welcome at Peaslee Tech whether 16 or 61! There are career changers and experienced workers learning a new skill set. All are welcome at Peaslee Tech.

What is Peaslee Tech's Mission?

Peaslee Tech is a catalyst for economic growth providing technical training to a diverse community of learners to meet the current and emerging needs of our communities and employers. We envision a community with a technically skilled workforce that fosters retention, expansion, and attraction of business.  We value empowering diverse individuals, collaborating across the community, and cultivating innovation and entrepreneurship.

Can I visit Peaslee Tech?

Yes! Come on in to meet us or go on a tour of the facility. We would love for you to come in and get a feel for it to see if you can picture yourself as a student here! Visit us at 2920 Haskell Ave, Lawrence, KS 66046. Drive past the College and Career Center and you will see our sign on the front of our building.

There is something wrong with the website, who should I contact?

If you notice anything wrong/typos/etc. with the website, please email info@peasleetech.org. Thank you!


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