High School Students

Financial Aid Information

High School Students- Senate Bill 155

High School students in Lawrence have the opportunity to take classes at Peaslee Tech and the College & Career Center through Senate Bill 155. High School students have tuition reimbursed for the courses. They can also rent books for the courses. High School students do have to pay course fees for courses that require it. They also have to pay for supplies and tools. Students earn credit for courses at Peaslee Tech. Most courses provide 1.0 high school elective credits.

Cost of attending for High School Students:

  • These prices are a steep discount from the full cost. Fees are not all due at once. You pay for supplies as you need them for a class.
  • Allied Health is taught at the College & Career Center and includes 45 hours of theory, 25 hours of clinical experience, and 20 hours of lab.
  • Workplace and Computer/academic skills courses are $330 per credit hour (these courses are not eligible for Senate Bill 155). However, Comp TIA A+ Essentials is eligible and is therefore $0 tuition for HS students.


Program Name Length Credit Hours Total Cost for HS students
Industrial Engineering Technology 2 years 33 $3,349
Power Plant Technology 1 or 2 years 28 $1,569
HVAC 2 years 36 $2,043
Construction Technology 2 years 32 $1,936
Welding 2 years 32 $2,266
Automotive Technology 2 years 26