Non-High School Students

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How much does it cost to go to Peaslee tech and how much can I expect to earn after attending?

Going to Peaslee Tech can increase your salary potential, so it is an investment.



Credit Hours

Total Cost

Avg. Starting Salary 

Industrial Engineering Technology

2 years




Power Plant Technology

1 or 2 years





2 years




Construction Technology

2 years





2 years




Automotive Technology

2 years




Average salaries are an estimate of earnings potential, not a guarantee. These averages came from past student salaries and from national salary data.

  • 4-year degrees are not for everyone! You can learn valuable skills at Peaslee Tech to kick start or improve your career!
  • Some 4-year degrees have the same salary potential as a certificate program at Peaslee Tech. 

For Example:

4 Year Degree

Average Starting Salary





Public Relations




Foreign Language





Peaslee Tech is a good way to enter a higher paying career. You can attend 2 years of a program and then go straight into working for the same starting salary as many people who spend 4 years at school.

When determining what you can afford, You must consider these things:

  • Cost of school
  • Cost of not working (because you are at school instead of work)
  • Cost of living (rent, food, etc. while you are at school).

When you add the numbers up for Peaslee Tech, you come out ahead. School costs less and takes a lot less time compared to a 4 year degree, but you can get the same starting salary as many 4-year degrees.

Many people would be better off going to Peaslee Tech and ending up with less debt.

Peaslee Tech is a way for you to make an initial investment in time and money and end up with a better paying job in a field with high need. If you end up making significantly more every year for the rest of your career, the cost of NOT coming to Peaslee Tech is a lot more than tuition.

Benefits of Peaslee Tech:

  • Shorter than a 4 year degree
  • Less classes than a 4 year degree
  • Less time away from work than a 4 year degree
  • Increase your salary potential
  • Increase your skill set
  • Gain friends for a lifetime!
  • Connect with industry partners
  • Pursue a job that the Lawrence community needs