Veterans’ Information


Cooperative Education Programs

CFR § 21.4233 (a) Combination.

An approved program may consist of a combination of courses with instruction offered by a school alternating with instruction in a business or industrial establishment (a cooperative course); courses offered by two schools concurrently; or courses offered through class attendance and by television concurrently. A farm cooperative program may be approved which consists of a combination of institutional agricultural courses and concurrent agricultural employment (see § 21.4264). A school may contract the actual training to another school or entity, provided the course is approved by the State approving agency having approval jurisdiction of the school or entity which actually provides the training.

(a)Cooperative courses. A full-time program of education consisting of phases of school instruction alternated with training in a business or industrial establishment with such training being strictly supplemental to the school instruction may be approved. Alternating periods may be a part-day in school and a part-day on job or may be such periods which alternate on a daily, weekly, monthly or on a term basis. For purposes of approval the school offering the course must submit to the State approving agency, with its application, statements of fact showing at least the following:

(1) That the alternate in-school periods of the course are at least as long as the alternate periods in the business or industrial establishment; in determining this relationship between the two components of the course, training received in a business or industrial establishment during a vacation or officially scheduled school break period shall be excluded from the calculation; where the course is approved as continuous part-time work and part-time study in combination, it shall be measured on the basis of the ratio which each portion of the training bears to full time as defined in § 21.4270(c) of this part. The institutional portion must be at least equivalent to one-half time training and must be combined with a job training portion sufficient for the combined training to equal full time.

(Authority: 38 U.S.C. 3482(a)(2) and 3532(b))

(2) That the course is set up as a cooperative course in the school catalog or other literature of the school;

(3) That the school itself arranges with the employer’s establishment for providing the alternate on-job periods of training on such basis that the on-job portion of the course will be training in a real and substantial sense and will supplement the in-school portion of the course;

(4) That the school arranges directly with the employer’s establishment for placing the individual student in that establishment and exercises supervision and control over the student’s activities at the establishment to an extent that assures training in a true sense to the student; and

(5) That the school grants credit for the on-job portion of the course for completion of a part of the work required for granting a degree or diploma.

(Authority: 38 U.S.C. 3482(a)(2) and 3532(b))



Pro Rata Refund

Veterans and VA Students Refund Policy (GI Bill Recipients)

VA students attending this facility will be given a pro rata refund which is prorated on a daily basis. The exact proration will be determined on the ratio of the number of days of instruction completed by the veteran/VA student to the total number of instructional days in the course. In the event that the veteran/VA student fails to enter the course or withdraws or is discontinued there from at any time prior to completion fo the course, the unused portion of the tuition, fees and other charges paid by the individual shall be refunded promptly, within 40 days. Registration fee above $10 is subject to proration.

VA students will not be required to apply for this refund; it will be made when the school becomes aware of the individual’s failure to enter the course, withdrawal or other discontinuance there from. If this institution ever applies a more favorable refund policy for the general student population it shall be applied to veterans/VA students as well.


§ 21.4255 Refund policy; nonaccredited courses.

Non-accredited schools must refund tuition and fees on a pro rata basis when VA students withdrawn from courses or do not enroll after paying for courses, in whole or part. The pro rata refund must, at a minimum, meet the following criteria:

1)      The refund must be prorated on a daily basis.

2)      VA regulations allow a 10% deviation from the requirement that the amount of the refund be exactly pro rata.

3)      VA regulations allow schools to retain up to $10.00 of any registration fee.

4)      If schools have refund policies that are more favorable to the students, SAAs will require the schools to use those policies.

5)      School or course catalogs must have description of the refund policies. A simple statement that refunds are made on a pro rata basis is not sufficient. The description must be clear enough for students to determine the amount of their refund.

6)      Schools must make refunds promptly, i.e., within 40 days.

7)      Schools must not require VA students to request the refunds.

8)      Schools may apply the pro rata refund policy to VA students only.