Apprenticeship Processes

For Apprentices:

  1. Go to your nearest Kansas Workforce Center (
    • Inform the office that you are applying for an apprenticeship at Peaslee Tech.
    • Take a state or federal identification (such as driver’s license) and your social security card (or federal tax document with your social security number on it) and present it to the apprenticeship representative at your Workforce Center.
    • Enroll in KansasWorks.
    • Complete the CareerReady 101 (or equivalent) and give the workforce center permission to send the results to
  2. With representatives from your company and Peaslee Tech, complete the Apprenticeship Application Form.

For Companies:

  1. After review of the standards for the apprenticeships your company is participating in, complete the Employer Agreement Form.
  2. Upon completion of the on-the-job learning requirements by an apprentice, please complete the Employer Apprenticeship On-the-Job Confirmation Form.

Standards of Apprenticeships:

Auto Body Repairer

Auto Service Technician

Commercial Driver’s License- CDL

Facilities Maintenance


Industrial Machinery Mechanic

Mechatronics Technician

Residential Plumber

Residential Electrician

Robotics Technician

Sterile Processing